Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Eat Safe

Sure, you may be lucky enough to have never had or never get E. coli or botulism, but what about all the other food borne invaders - toxins, pesticides, environmental contaminants, animal drugs, additives…need I go on? The good news is that there are many simple steps you can take to prevent getting sick from any of these contaminants, without feeling like you are paranoid.

Food Prep, Storage and Clean-Up:
1. Make sure your fridge is set at 40 degrees or below
2. Cook hot food and reheat leftovers to 140 degrees
3. Thaw meats in the fridge!!
4. Heat sponges in the microwave until steaming hot
5. Use separate cutting boards for meats and clean them with soap and hot water

Protecting Your Produce:
1. Wash all veggies and discard outer leaves
2. Wash and dry all fruits, even melons whose rough exterior can trap bacteria and enter food when sliced
3. Rinse berries for 10 seconds
4. Cut away bruises that may house bacteria
5. Drink only pasteurized juices or shelf stabilized juices

Reducing Pesticide Residue Intake:
1. Trim fat from meat and skin from poultry, and discard pan drippings
2. Vary daily meat, poultry and fish choices
3. Do NOT take fish oil capsules
4. Peel waxed fruit
5. Do NOT eat sprouts (may not be safe)

Fridge Time Limits:
1-2 days - raw ground meats and sausages fish and poultry
3-5 days - steaks, roasts, cooked meats and veggies, ham slices, tuna salad
1 week - hard boiled eggs in shells, bacon, unopened hot dogs, aged and processed cheeses
2 months - open mayo and dry cheeses

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moxperez said...

hi jenny! i love this...i had a question about distilled fish oil that is not in capsule form. Is that potentially bad for you too?